*big* locking problem in 1.0.0?

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at lug-owl.de
Sat Nov 6 00:30:24 CET 1999


I use GnuPG mainly in conjunction with mutt to sign/encrypt mails. I
wrote a script that fetches all public keys for signatures without prober
while read keyID trash; do
        echo Requesting Key 0x${keyID}
        gpg --recv-keys 0x${keyID}
done < $TEMPFILE

...where TEMPFILE contains all keyIDs for sigs which have "User id not
found". Then I attempted to send a signed mail while that script was running
and this is the result:

gpg: /home/jbglaw/.gnupg/pubring.gpg: keyring created

*uups* What's that!? This keyring was indeed empty! Okay, I can reget all
keys from the key server network (inclusive my own public key...), but I
think there's some kind of locking problem or so... Here's my config if it

jbglaw at belgarath:/home/jbglaw/.gnupg > cat options | grep -v '^#' | grep -v '^$'
keyserver wwwkeys.us.pgp.net
encrypt-to 0xAB41234C
default-key 0x8399E1BB
load-extension /var/lib/gnupg/rsa
load-extension /var/lib/gnupg/skipjack
load-extension /var/lib/gnupg/idea

If you want to have additional infos please contact me! I volunteer to help
in debugging but I would need some hints for where to start...


Fehler eingestehen, Größe zeigen: Nehmt die Rechtschreibreform zurück!!!
keyID=0x8399E1BB fingerprint=250D 3BCF 7127 0D8C A444 A961 1DBD 5E75 8399 E1BB
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