Signal handling: what you can't do.

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Nov 14 20:01:58 CET 1999

Geoff Keating <geoffk at> writes:

> I just found this on gnupg-devel, to which I'm not subscribed.  I

Sorry, I didn't know this and posted only to the ML.

> The variables that secmem_term uses are not declared volatile.

Okay, I fix this (the important ones, not for those which are only
reset for completeness).

> You can't call 'exit', either.  You must call _exit.

According to glibc docs you can use exit().  It is not defined
as reentrant by POSIX.1 but specified SVR4.  Anyway, I replaced exit
by raise() and reset the disposition to SIG_DFL . 


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