AIX 4.2.1 build status?

Jos Backus Jos.Backus at
Thu Nov 18 20:28:42 CET 1999

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 05:56:10PM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:
> > to mean that this indicates a problem with the asm code in question.

If that's that case, I can't help wondering why the IBM compiler has no
(directly visible) problems with this code...

> The good news is, that libgmp now has a maintainer and we can expect
> a new version with these problems hopefully fixed (merging the changes
> back to GnuPG should not be that problem).

That is certainly good news.

As a side note, building ssh-1.2.27 using a fresh gcc 2.95.2 similarly suffers
from problems with the gmp stuff.

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