Windows shell for gnupg

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at
Fri Nov 19 23:32:07 CET 1999

I have put together a little decryption utility for Windows for gpg which
basically feeds stdin to gpg.exe and picks up stdout and stderr.  It's an
MFC application, and while MFC and MS Developer's Studio isn't free
software, I'm happy to make the source available to anyone who wants it, and
will likewise be happy to send a copy of the compiled utility to anyone, or
post it on my FTP site when I get the whole package assembled.

The program does decryption only, but fills an e-commerce niche.  Merchants
whose online sales volume won't justify online clearing can have CC clearing
and customer personal data encrypted at the server (I and all my clients use
Linux/Apache/PHP) and emailed.  GPGshell is designed as a free, easy to
configure and use utility for handling decryption at the merchant's end. 
This effort comes out of research in to better known tools for doing the
same job.  Network Associates wants over 2 grand for their PGP E-business
server and free PGP isn't legal for commercial use, which rules it out for
some of the high-profile businesses I work with.

I have the program in pretty good shape, along with a simple standard
Windows help file for it, and will probably put it, together with the DOS
gnupg package together in a setup file so that they can all be installed in
one operation.

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