Increasing Public Key Crypto Security with Handhelds

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Nov 27 12:51:15 CET 1999

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg at> writes:

> Even better, like ssh, this could provide a generic means the manage your
> encryption key outside of an individual session - for example, an X
> application could be used to prompt for the password, and once provided it
> Moving the encryption agent down into a hardware device like a handheld or
> a smartcard would be the eventual ultimate evolution of a system like

That is exactly what I have in mind for some time now (and talked
about it at the Tokyo BOF).  I call it for now the GPA (..Agent).

In a first step I will do an internal API for GnuPG to separate tasks
which require the secret key form the other code.

Someone from gnupg-devel already played with GnuPG and a PalmPilot.
One problem might be that these handhelds are a little bit slow; some
specialized hardware for them would be nice.

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