GnuPG 1.0.0 &

Ph. Marek marek at
Mon Nov 29 16:14:52 CET 1999

Hi everybody,

I'm having some problem with GPG 1.0.0.

having trouble transmitting big ascii files.
- gzip < <FILE> | gpg -a -e -r <Userid> | mail -s "" <destination>
  says something about CRC error, packet length mismatch or so.

better bugtracking possible:
- Encrypt & send via gpg -a -e -r <Userid> | mail -s "" <destination>,
saving with eudora/w32 to zipdisk, mount in linux and pgp -d <file> gives me

:encrypted data packet:
        length: unknown
gpg: CAST5 encrypted
:compressed packet: algo=2
:literal data packet:
        mode b,
created 943887290, name="access.log.3",
        raw data: 6312537
gpg: fatal: zlib inflate problem: invalid stored block lengths
usage: 1760/7680 bytes in 4/9 blocks of pool 7904/16384

small files work
ok very well; trouble with bigger files (2-10MB, compressed 0.3-2 MB).

can somebody please help?


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