A few thoughts on gpg 1.0.0

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Nov 29 21:34:30 CET 1999

Janusz A. Urbanowicz wrote:

> First of all: a bug report: GPG dumps core if file to be encrypted is long
> (say, 10 megabytes) and truncated. I'm not sure if vanilla 1.0 did this, at
> least 1.0.0e does this for sure.

I have to check this again

> And a remark - GPG commandline parsing su^H^His not intuitive. If an
> option, like --output is after the command (which is customary for
> specifying outfile), it is silently ignored. The same at least for
> --with-colons. This is a Bad Thing (TM) also because one of best known
> features of GNU software is its good comamndline parametres parser.

If you do:

$ ./gpg -er Alpha plain --output x
usage: gpg [options] --encrypt [filename]

Which is okay (GnuPG does not reorder the options and assumes an
implicit "--" at the first non-option.

I think you mean:

$ ./gpg --list-key Alpha --output x

Which lsist Alpha and does not complain about "--output", it may list
the keys which do have an x in it.  The problem here is that the error
response of --list-key is not very good.  This should be fixed.  You
get an error only back when all user IDs give are not found.  

Changing this (or the above) may break some code, so I'll postpone it
for 1.2 

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