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Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Oct 4 20:56:43 CEST 1999

"Janusz A. Urbanowicz" <alex at poleczki.nc-virtual.pl> writes:

> A good idea. But I'd suggest a possibility of _declaring_ a RO keyring.

That's even easier and given my experience in adding new options it
should not be very complicated :-)

> I'll have a look at it, tomorrow. But what I think a real solution would be
> an alternative source for keys (additional to keyring[s]) that probably
> should be LDAP based.

I have a write up on some key server issues, but I have to rework it a
bit.  The basic idea is to have a fast key storage and use some other
directory service to locate a key by name or email address.  So LDAP
could just map the name to a fingerprint and pgp can then lookup the
required public key data from a distributed keyserver system.  I think
that it should be distributed (and not only replicated) because the
keyserver should check signatures before merging them in and this
takes a lot of time. 

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