compiling on SCO 5.0.x

Rob Walsh rjw at
Wed Sep 15 19:51:43 CEST 1999

I am trying to compile gnupg-1.0.0 on SCO 5.0.0 (I know, I know, but
that's what the boss likes.  The machine on my desk runs Linux.  :-)

It seems to compile OK, but somewhere toward the end of the make, gpg
fails with a "can't lock memory" error.  Is there a workaround for
this for SCO (before I dig in to the source), or is this an
unresolvable problem with a missing but required OS function?  (For
instance, not that it's required, but I don't have an 'mmap'.)

We are not likely to need to generate keys on this machine (a server);
that can be (and apparently should be) done from one of the

I am currently working with SCO 5.0.0 and gcc 2.7, but within the next
couple of months we will upgrade to SCO 5.0.5 and gcc 2.8, if that is
the problem.  (I'm already waiting on compiling perl 5.005 because it
requires gcc 2.8.)


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