Extended Format(Encrypt of Encrypted File)

Yoshioka Tsuneo yoshioka at xaxon.co.jp
Mon Sep 20 12:56:36 CEST 1999

Dear GNUPG developers.

  I want to the file that must use *both* two keys. Is there any way to
do so that already exists?
  If no, I'm try to extend PGP format like under.

*Public Key Encrypted Session Key Packet for decrypting.
*Symmetric-Key Encrypted Session Key Packet for decrypting "Packet in
*Encrypted Data that contain session key for main Encrypted Data.
  |(Pakcet In Packet)
  | *Public Key Encrypted Session Key Packet
  | *Symmetric Encrypted Data Packet for decrypting main "Encrypted Data
*Main Encrypted Data.

If you find problem about this format any suggestion, please teach.

Thank you.

Yoshioka Tsuneo(yoshioka at xaxon.co.jp)

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