Funky little bug

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Sep 21 09:56:34 CEST 1999

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg at> writes:

> Hm, just reading the diff, you don't output the current filename on the
> status FD? That would make it hard to syncronize with GPG. With this sort

No problem, I can add this.

> the entire signature has been processed and the verified plain text
> written and flushed to stdout then fully batch processing would be

You you really need to get the plaintext;  --verify does not emit the
text and I am not sure whether I can easily add it to the 1.0 series
without breaking too much.

> 1) write foo.dsc to gpg stdin
> 2) Monitor status-fd and stdout, buffer stdout, parse status-fd
> When status-fd inidicates the file is done, do a final read on stdout and
> then declare the buffer as the signature that was checked

Hmm, as said above - seems to be a too large change for 1.0

> You cannot pipeline the filenames like this, but you can access the
> verified plain text if need be. [Ideally GPG would write a FILE START
> <SIZE> <NAME> string to the status-fd, but I don't think GPG knows the

If you mean the size of the file, this is no problem:  The size of the 
signed text needs much more code at different places.

> The other way I would see using this is to simply extract the signing key
> fingerprints and match them to filenames in which case a start marker is

Okay, I'll emit a start and done marker (the done marker may be
helpful when we later enhance this system).

So for each file you will see on status-fd this:

    FILE_START <what> <filename>
	Start processing a file <filename>.  <what> indicates the performed
	    1 - verify

	Marks the end of a file processing which has been started

If this is helpful for you, I'll code it and post a diff.

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