Alpha Version for Win32

dnl dnl at
Thu Sep 23 19:23:32 CEST 1999


Tested very quickly :

- File extension : when you sign or encrypt a file "test.txt", GPG doesn't
create "test.asc" or "test.gpg" but the file ".asc" or ".gpg" without the
name of the file.

- End of ASCII lines in clearsig files : when you clearsig a ANSI text file
(the Windows text format), the ends of line are in Unix format (linefeed)
instead of Win32 format (carriage return + linefeed).

- French caracters : when you create a key with some french special
caracters in the user name, it is OK (--list-keys is OK, and all seems OK),
but with the command --sign-key there are bad caracters in user name just
here :"you need a passphrase to unlock the secret keys by user *** ".

By the way, the french localization "" file works fine.


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