S-Box changes

Lazarus Long lazarus at overdue.ompages.com
Sat Sep 25 01:33:38 CEST 1999

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 01:02:36AM +0200, Michael Roth wrote:
> > Why are S-boxes being changed?  Forgive my suspicious sounding question
> > here, but I'm sure you can understand how this can be a sensitive matter.
> You mean the latest Tripple-DES changes, do you? So, take a look at the
> ChangeLog file in the same directory:

Yes, that is what I meant.  I had only time to briefly scan the diff file,
and saw those changes, and had not heard discussion of them on this list,
hence my query.  (I also didn't want to apply the diff until an answer,
so I didn't quite "have" the changelog at hand, even though I'm sure it
was buried in the same diff had I bothered.)

> In reality the S-Boxes are exactly equal. They just _look_ different.


> However, if you don't trust me, the advantages of Open-Source crypto
> plays the game: Just choose a Tripple-DES implementation of your choice
> and compare its results with the Tripple-DES implementation used in
> GnuPG.

Yes, that is the largest benefit of OSS crypto, IMO.  Peer Review is an
absolute necessity with crypto if it is to be credible, again IMO.

(I trust you will understand the "sensitive" nature of S-Boxes and not
misinterpret my question as reflecting on you personally, Michael.)

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