Trying to wrap up the Nto port...

Sam Roberts sroberts at
Sat Apr 8 05:05:51 CEST 2000


I'm trying to wrap up the work I've done for the Nto port, so
I can move on to what I'm actually working on: a C++ library
that does MIME mail (similar to the perl/Java/... MIME packages).

1 - There's new versions of config.guess and config.sub at


  Can gnupg use those (they support both QNX4 and Nto)? If not,
  the patches in my last post add the support needed to gnupg's
  version of those scripts.

2 - I still don't know how to get rndegd to not build if there's
    no <sys/un.h>, I could just write up a few line install note
    if that's easier.

3 - Any opinion on my suggestion to move disable_core_dumps() to
    after options parsing so that it honors the --quiet option?

4 - Were the Nto patches ok, should I assume they are or aren't
    merged when I don't hear from the very busy Werner? I'm not
    sure what the protocol is here ;-)

5 - My port of Linux's random.c to QNX4 and Nto will be posted
    on my web site (see my sig) by Monday. The codes pretty simple.

Sorry to pester, if I can get this merged I won't have to redo
it for the next release, and mutt and gpg will "just work" on
one two more platforms.


p.s. Thanks for gpg, secure e-mail is going to be used everywhere
within not very long due to it, a very good thing, IMO.

Sam Roberts, sroberts at uniserve dot com,

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