Creating a Win32 Library for GPG?

Ryan Erwin ryan at
Fri Apr 21 02:54:55 CEST 2000

I know that it is typically considered rude to
post to a list that your not subscribed to, but
majordomo didn't list -devel as one of the public
lists, so please CC me when you reply.

I am working on a Win32 Desktop application to 
which I would like to add public key crypto support.
Are there currently any plans to turn GPG into a
LGPL Library for use by other applications

Since GPG is currently licensed under the GPL, would
it even be possible for you folks to create a LGPL'ed
GPG Library for use in applications that aren't
necessarily GPL'ed?

If creating an LGPL'ed library is possible the way
that GnuPG is licensed, roughly how big a project
would it be to create a Win32 DLL version of such
a library?  What about a Mac library?  A Unix so/dso
or just a library that can be statically compiled
into the application?

If any of you would potentially be interested in such
a project on a contract basis, or have any insight
on how else to go about including public key crypto
in a commercial app?  One concern would be with  the
actual distribution since I'm based in the US.


Ryan Erwin

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