Creating a Win32 Library for GPG?

Ryan Erwin ryan at
Fri Apr 21 12:44:20 CEST 2000

>> If not, is there some ongoing development?
>No.  Use the Unix way.  The overhead of fork and exec is not that high
>compared to the crypto operations.  Have a look at your MTA, it is
>calling procmail (when used) for each message.  The httpd calls a CGI 
>on every transaction.

That is all very true, but it still doesn't make it the
most desirable way for most people to use GPG, especially
if they would like to include the capabilities of GPG in
another application.

I understand that you guys may not be interested in this,
but, for a few reasons, I would rather use a GPG library
for this than some commercial solution.  One of those is
the whole security through obscurity argument.  Also, I
think that this is something that many others could like
to use.  And, supporting oss is always a good thing.

Currently, I am in the planning stages of a new application
and I would like to use GPG for the public key crypto.  I
realize that this exact project is something that you may
not find interesting, and that's why I would pay you for it.
I'm putting together the project budget, and would just like
to know how possible creating such a library would be.  

- Do the licensing terms of GPG allow it to be converted to a
LGPL library that could be used by oss and commercial apps?
- How big a project, in terms of man hours, would such a
project be?
- Would you be interested in working on such a project as a
contract employee, and if so, how much would you charge in
US dollars?


Ryan Erwin

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> > Are there currently any plans to turn GPG into a LGPL Library for use
> > by other applications developers?
> See the thread:
> Frank Tobin

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