API for GnuPG

Stephen McGrath mcgrath at columbia.edu
Wed Apr 26 04:45:00 CEST 2000


	I'm part of a group working on a project to build a UNIX-based
keyserver at my institution, and we wanted to have as much commonality
with GnuPG as possible.  Is there an API for GnuPG that would be useful
for such an application?  For example, armoring and dearmoring keys,
extracting userid's and other key information (key length, algorithm,
expiration date, version...) from keys, calculating signatures, etc.?
	I've seen mention of libraries for the standard GnuPG functions
such as encryption and decryption, but so far I haven't been able to find
anything for these kinds of key functions in the documentation.  I've
found it a bit difficult to locate these kinds of functions in the source,
so I was hoping that there might be a documented API for it.
	Sorry if this has been treated exhaustively before...



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