GPG / Cygwin / with IDEA support

Disastry at Disastry at
Mon Dec 4 19:44:03 CET 2000

I built GPG for WIN32 with Cygwin
It can be found here:

Werner, I know you do not support Cygwin
but now there is realy good reason to use it - with Cygwin
loadable extensions (for example IDEA) can be used

To build it I had to do some changes,
there are not much chonges - I changed files:

g10/g10.c   g10/gpgv.c   include/util.h  mpi/config.links
mpi/mpi-inline.h  util/simple-gettext.c  util/w32reg.c
cipher/rndw32.c   configure

You can see .diif file here:

Note that I changed also 'configure'
probably its not good because 'configure' is generated from ''
but since there is no 'aclocal' and 'automake' on Cygwin
so it is not possible to run 'scripts/' to generate 'configure'
so I had to modify 'configure'.

After these changes gpg can be built by just running: ./configure && make

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