GPG / Cygwin / with IDEA support

raf raf at
Tue Dec 5 20:07:32 CET 2000

Disastry at wrote:

> I built GPG for WIN32 with Cygwin
> It can be found here:
> Werner, I know you do not support Cygwin
> but now there is realy good reason to use it - with Cygwin
> loadable extensions (for example IDEA) can be used
> To build it I had to do some changes,
> there are not much chonges - I changed files:
> g10/g10.c   g10/gpgv.c   include/util.h  mpi/config.links
> mpi/mpi-inline.h  util/simple-gettext.c  util/w32reg.c
> cipher/rndw32.c   configure
> You can see .diif file here:
> Note that I changed also 'configure'
> probably its not good because 'configure' is generated from ''
> but since there is no 'aclocal' and 'automake' on Cygwin
> so it is not possible to run 'scripts/' to generate 'configure'
> so I had to modify 'configure'.

so download them.


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