Questions about GPGME / GnuPG library

Taral taral at
Wed Dec 6 22:11:27 CET 2000

Quoting Florian Weimer <Florian.Weimer at RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE>:

> Taral <taral at> writes:
> > If GPG were a library, your program (which may or may not be safe)
> > would also have to be setuid-root to take advantage of secure
> > memory.
> If this is really an issue (many applications which would benifit from
> an OpenPGP library only need OpenPGP packet parsing and signature
> verification), it's better to fix the operating system to provide a
> certain (limited) amount of secure memory to unprivileged processes --
> or use encrypted swap.

Actually, I put out an RFC on this list a little while ago proposing a solution 
to our problem. It would modularize GPG such that people could use the pieces 
they needed. I am not, however, going to start on that until GPG itself it more 
cleanly implemented.

Taral <taral at>

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