BUG: Web of trust circumvention by secret key distribution

L. Sassaman rabbi at quickie.net
Thu Dec 7 01:59:32 CET 2000

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Actually, a simpler solution would be to require that the user set the
implicit ultimate trust on the secret key manually, correct?

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On 7 Dec 2000, Florian Weimer wrote:

> This is just some more stuff from the 'cracking GnuPG by cheating'
> department.
> GnuPG accepts secret keys from key servers.  This means that a secret
> key can be added to the secret key ring without user intervention,
> making the corresponding public key ultimately trusted and thus
> effectively circumventing the web of trust.  (GnuPG has the additional
> feature that the key becomes ultimately trusted only after a program
> restart, so you will see the 'Could not find a valid trust path to the
> key.' message once, but this is worse enough.)
> A similiar problem exists with "--import".  IMHO, a separate
> "--import-secret-key" option is needed, and secret keys downloaded
> from key servers should be discarded.
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