GnuPG/ Seahorse's CORBA interface

jose at jose at
Thu Dec 7 12:42:28 CET 2000


 I'm have beeng designing the Seahorse's CORBA interface. As a first approach I 
have thought on something like this. Of course you can change whaterver you 
want, or say me whatever you think. I'm open to comments. This is only a fist 
stage of design.

 This is only the IDL skeleton. It lacks somethings in functions.

 module Seahorse {

	struct Recipient {
		string UserName;
		string KeyID;
	interface RecipientList {
		void AddRecipient (in Recipient);
		void list ();

	interface KeyManager {
		void ImportKey (in string UserID);
		void HaveRecipient (in Recipient recipient);
		void ListSecretKeys ();

	interface Crypto {
		void sign (in string buffer, in Recipient signer, out 
		void encrypt (in string buffer, in RecipientList recipients,
				 in Recipient signer, out encrypted_buffer);
		void verify (in string buffer, out string clear_buffer, out 
string status);

	interface Session {
		attribute boolean EncrypToSelf;
		attribute Recipient DefaultUser;
		attribute string DefaultServer;
		attribute string DefaultComment;
		atrribute boolean RememberPassword;
		attribute int RememberPasswordTimeout;
		void configure ();

  Of course this IDL definition IS wrong. I have not checked anything :-) But 
I'd like you can see how this could be.

  Please, send me any comment or idea you have. Perhaps I haven't noticed 
something could be useful.

   José Carlos García Sogo

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