split done

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Dec 21 16:57:37 CET 2000


Okay, I have done the split of GnuPG 1.1 into GnuPG and libgcrypt.

"libgcrypt" is now a new module in the cvs and I hope it does work
somehow.  There is one major change: I renamed gcrypt-config to
libgcrypt-config and gcrypt.m4 to libgcrypt.m4, so take care if you
are using the libgcrypt.

The HEAD branch of GnuPG (aka gnupg 1.1) does now need an installed
Libgcrypt.  You better get a fresh CVS copy of the HEAD revision and
it may be a good idea to do a "cvs checkout -P gnupg" so that empty
directories are pruned.  Those empty directories are needed because
we have other branches (STABLE-BRANCH-1-0) which are not effected by
the changes and still use the crypto stuff included with GnuPG.

No promise that gnupg 1.1 still compiles, though.  

Happy hacking,


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