When is the blocking RNG called?

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A while ago, I said:

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> > Is it just a PRNG, or does it have a source of true/physical entropy
> > that it uses as a seed for a PRNG?
> I believe it's a true RNG, but you may ask the product manager Gary Ellis
> <Gary.Ellis at dalsemi.com> . Official data sheets don't seem to be available
> yet (in Dalsemi, they tend to lag the actual product...).

Here is the answer from the iButton mailing list:

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> Jim Hurd wrote:
> >
> > What can you tell me about random number generation on the ibutton? Does
> > it have any sort of hardware entropy collection, or is it a pseudo
> > random number generator?
> For the 1955 and 1957 it's a hardware based RNG that generates random
> data by measuring the difference in thermal noise between two fairly
> large (~10KOhm) resistors. For the older 1954 it's primarily a PRNG with
> small amounts of entropy contributed from the fastest moving bits of the
> RTC ripple counter.
> Don
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