["gnupg" for BeOS]

MICHAEL REBELE m.rebele@usa.net
Wed Feb 16 10:28:18 CET 2000


"Andreas Zymny"  wrote:
> Hi,

> I'm using the OS BeOS, and I can't compile  ):

> The header files, included from ,  and 
>  doesn't exist on the BeOS, also not in an other directory.

> Has anyone ported  to BeOS, or is porting it?

i've a port of gpg to BeOs (4.5 and above, x86 - PowerPC - i don't know). I've
sent the patches to Werner. It has a source of entropy, but it's quite lame
but should working (i've not tested all features yet). I don't know about the
quality of the entropy source, but you can simply modify it. It is NOT
elegant, it's only aim was (and still is), to get fast a version of gpp which
runs under BeOS. 

If you'd like, i can send you the sources.

The BeOS version of the crypto lib has some problems under 4.5 (is far as i
can see, i may be wrong). Though, some modifications of it are necessary.
Maybe somebody knows more about it.


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