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Mon Feb 14 10:59:08 CET 2000

Werner Koch wrote:

> And if you are going to do serious crypto you need this:
>   [3]  Menezes, van Oorshot, Vanstone:
>        Handbook of Applied Cryptography
>        This is somewhat expensive but a couple of
>        chapters are available for download at:

All the chapters, now.  Very useful because my paper copy is on my
bedside table at home...  :-)

I think this book is pretty much essential, because the Schneier book
omits some important attacks.  I implemented ElGamal signatures from
the Schneier book, and it would have had a nasty security hole if
Werner hasn't told me what I had done wrong...

Schneier is a good introduction, though, and Menezes is pretty heavy
on the maths.  You take your pick.

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