sparc32 & gnupg speed problems?

Bodo Moeller bmoeller at
Sat Jan 15 02:59:22 CET 2000

Chris Ruffin <c.ruffin at>:

> Hello, I'm using gnupg on both sparc32 and linux platforms.  I've
> noticed a tremendous speed difference between the two platforms, and
> was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong.  Signing an
> e-mail message with gnupg on a sparc workstation (ultra 1) takes about
> 20 seconds, while my trusty 486/50 MHz Linux machine signs the same
> message (using the same key) in about a second flat.  [...]

This could be because collecting enough randomness takes some time.
Did you look at the entropy-gathering daemon, EGD?

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