HP-HPPA1.1-HPUX10.20 : gpg-1.0.1 builds well with gcc-2.95.2

Hans v. Sommerfeld snoopy at redbaron.bir.uunet.de
Mon Jan 17 23:05:42 CET 2000

gpg-1.0.1 builds well with egd-0.6 by gcc-2.95.2 on my HP-HPPA1.1-HPUX10.20.

	./configure --enable-static-rnd=egd --enable-m-guard

Checking after the install:

	egd.pl --bottomless --quit-after=60 \
	(wait a minute)
	make check

All tests fine.

Minor flaw:
Although suid root, the 'insecure memory' warning remains?!

	chown root:sys /usr/local/sbin/gpg
	chmod a-w /usr/local/sbin/gpg
	chmod u+s /usr/local/sbin/gpg

Move to /usr/local/sbin was done intentionally after 'make install'.
Bug or Admin error?


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