can't run gpg --with-colons --list-keys: corrupted trustdb

Samuli Karkkainen skarkkai at
Wed Jan 26 21:27:19 CET 2000

When I run (with or without the -v flags):

  gpg --with-colons --list-keys -vvv

I get the following output

:public key packet:
	version 4, algo 17, created 936096645, expires 0
	pkey[0]: [1024 bits]
	pkey[1]: [160 bits]
	pkey[2]: [1023 bits]
	pkey[3]: [1021 bits]
:user ID packet: "Samuli K\xe4rkk\xe4inen <skarkkai at>"
[lots of lines removed]
gpg: uid 5B0358A2.96: Good self-signature
gpg: sig 5B0358A2.96/98[1]/C89D933E: Good certificate
gpg: NOTE: signature key expired Wed Dec 29 19:49:48 1999 EET
gpg: sig 5B0358A2.96/115[2]/184BC4D9: Good certificate
gpg: sig 5B0358A2.96/90[4]/128F0E79: Good certificate
gpg: 139: read expected rec type 3, got 6
gpg: trust record 139, req type 3: read failed: trust database error
gpg: the trustdb is corrupted; please run "gpg --fix-trustdb".

The keyring that causes this is available at I'm using on Redhat 6.0. This also
occured with gnupg-1.0.1-1.i686.rpm. This happens even if there exists no
trustdb.gpg or any other files except pubring.gpg in ~/.gnupg prior to
running the command.

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