Front-end for GnuPG

Jordi Soria Comas jordi.soria at
Sun Jul 9 17:12:45 CEST 2000

I'm doing a front-end for GnuPG in GTK and I have big problems to let GPG know
the information that it needs to run the commands that can't be done in batch
mode.I tried to redirect stdin but it didn't work. Then I looked at source code
and I saw that GPG reads input in this way:
	while( read(fileno(ttyfp), cbuf, 1) == 1 && *cbuf != '\n'){...}
	ttyfp = batchmode? stderr : fopen("/dev/tty", "r+");

I have tried to open "/dev/tty" and write data, but what I write to that file is
shown in the terminal, instead of be read by GPG.

			-- F1, F1, F1 --

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