Possible bug in w32 1.0.2

Hideki Saito hideki at allcity.net
Wed Jul 19 13:37:49 CEST 2000

It's on GnuPG 1.0.2 for W32.
This is rather weird problem I'm experiencing here.

I tested GnuPG in two system. It worked perfectly on my system, 
however in other system, it halts on key generation. 

Specifically, it is after the message:
gpg: NOTE: you should run 'diskperf -y' to enable the disk statistics

Looks like it is failing to get random data, since 'gpg --gen-random 2 
2' for example, gives same problem (hangs). Also it doesn't generate 
random_seed file.

Is there any possible solution and/or anyone experiencing same 

Hideki Saito mailto:hideki at allcity.net
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