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>I'm using GPG 1.0.1 with exmh 2.1.2 and am having problems with gnupg.  What
>what I can tell, exmh is running gpg with a command line that generates bad
>signatures.  Here's the data I have:
>The command line (I removed the comment & batch options):
>gpg --status-fd 2 --no-greeting --load-extension /usr/local/lib/gnupg/idea \
>--load-extension /usr/local/lib/gnupg/tiger \
>--load-extension /usr/local/lib/gnupg/rsa --cipher-algo 3des \
>--digest-algo sha1 --compress-algo 1 -abt -u 0xBA0349D2 \
>-o /tmp/0.pgp.18706.exmh /tmp/0.msg.18706.exmh

I found the bug.  With the above command line, GPG chokes on input lines that
end in a space character.  It will generate a signature, but that signature
will not match the original text, with the trailing space.

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