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Mon Jun 19 10:35:46 CEST 2000

In message <200006190600.IAA02149 at>, Alexander Zangerl writes:
>On Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:28:02 CDT, Ted Cabeen writes:
>>I found the bug.  With the above command line, GPG chokes on input lines that
>>end in a space character.  It will generate a signature, but that signature
>>will not match the original text, with the trailing space.
>i've run into a similar problem in february, see 
>personally i think your problem is the same as mine, i.e. that
>gpg does strip trailing whitespace correctly when signing
>but not when checking the signature.

You're right.  The question is what do we do with this bug?  Is there a flag 
in the PGP signature spec that informs the client that this mode is on?  What 
do the other clients do?  I fear that even if GnuPG correctly generates the 
signature, other OpenPGP clients will not know that we were in this mode, and 
will have the same problems that gpg is currently having.  

According to the docs, -t is used for backward compatibility.  Does it have 
any other uses?  What circumstances should I use -t or --textmode in?

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