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Alexander Zangerl a.zangerl at
Mon Jun 19 17:50:59 CEST 2000

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:35:46 CDT, Ted Cabeen writes:
>You're right.  The question is what do we do with this bug?

fix it, of course ;-)
but serious: i'll dig into the details of this problem during the
next few days.

>Is there a flag
>in the PGP signature spec that informs the client that this mode is on?

as i parsed rfc2440, yes.

>do the other clients do?

as far as i've tried & tested, they do like they should: strip trailing
whitespace when generating signatures and when verifying them.

gpg currently does the first thing ok, but fails at the second task.

so, this very mail which does not verify ok by gpg (because of "-- " in
front of my signature) should check ok if tested with pgp.
alternatively you can make the sig match the data if you manually delete
all trailing whitespaces.

> I fear that even if GnuPG correctly generates the
>signature, other OpenPGP clients will not know that we were in this mode, and 
>will have the same problems that gpg is currently having.  

no, the necessary info what transformations to perform before computing
the signature are transported.


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