general compatibility with PGP...

brian moore bem at
Tue May 2 16:17:12 CEST 2000

This seems to fail:
This is a test file for GPG/PGP/OpenPGP compatibility.

This line ends with a tab for no good reason:

Thanks for the test.  This file ends with a blank line.


The above file, once signed (with gpg --sign -a -t testfile, which is
what the docs imply is the 'pgp compatibility hack'), will not verify
with PGP5, and PGP5 will also strip the last blank line.

Who is right on the reading of 'text mode' on this?  Or should there be
a '--broken-text-mode' flag to appease PGP5?

It's sort of annoying since Network Solutions likes sending forms with
lines ending in tabs and spaces (I dunno -why-, they just do!) and I
have to be sure I do a ':%s/[ ^I]\+$//' before signing stuff and ensure
I have an extra blank line at the end.

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