Cygwin make/configure settings for GnuPG 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 ?

Dr. Todd Brennan Todd at
Wed Nov 1 14:54:00 CET 2000

I'm currently trying to create a GPG service in WinDoze using Cygwin
1.1.4 in NT4, but I'm having problems making GnuPG 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. With
some minor source modifications(to rndunix.c, rndegd.c, and rndlinux.c),
I got 1.0.3 to build with:

./configure --target=i586-pc-cygwin --disable-nls

The rndxxxx modifications are to work around linker errors. I can get
the asm stuff to work, and it appears to function normally, except the
random number generator complains that it is unsafe.

For version 1.0.4 again I had to modify the sources to rndunix.c,
rndegd.c, and rndlinux.c. This time I get tons of linker errors about
undefined reference to mpihelp_xxxxx routines.

What are the recommended configure/make settings used to build the
windows gpg 1.0.3 and gpg 1.0.4 binaries?

Thanks in advance,

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