AES for GnuPG, on Mon Oct 2?

Florian Weimer fw at
Mon Oct 2 08:40:16 CEST 2000

"Michael H. Warfield" <mhw at> writes:

> 	I think that this is a warning that anyone who does NOT notify
> NIST of ANY IP encumberances is going to be in deep legal shit.  Doesn't
> sound to me like they are picking any bones here.  Hitachi has already
> chimed in and claimed patent on a couple of the candidates, which are now
> basically "dead men walking".  We shall know, in a few hours...

There is still the possibility that that a third party claims to have
a patent which is infriged by all AES implementations, probably only
in some countries.  Such a patent can show up after years...

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