--expiration bug?

holtland Last Name holtland at my-deja.com
Mon Oct 9 17:01:43 CEST 2000


Maybe this is a bug, maybe not. I realy tried to find information on this subject but came home with almost nothing.

gnupg has the option to reassign an expiration date to keys. It works ok if you use the key with the new expiration date with gnupg.
When I updated my keyfile with any other pgp software, even when the keyring never contained the old key before, the key still got the old expiration date.
With pgp desktop for win9x two keys with the same keyid showed up and this probably cousing the program to report error messages "warning: bad parameters" every time when opening the keyring or updating the key.

Is this normal or should we be conserned about compatibility with the standard?!?


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