gpg 1.0.3 on Solaris w/ large file support

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Oct 17 06:51:05 CEST 2000

Lars Hecking <lhecking at> writes:

>  I have a first cut at a patch for gnupg-1.0.3b that adds large file
>  support at configure level.


>  It compiles nicely on 32/64bit Solaris, but doesn't on IRIX/HP-UX/DU.
>  I _think_ that I have problems compiling gpg on these platforms anyway ...

For people looking at this general area of things, one of the best
examples of how to handle large file support in configure is in the
current version of GNU fileutils.  A version of that macro will be
incorporated into the next release of autoconf (2.50).

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