No GnuPG library for now

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Fri Oct 20 00:15:44 CEST 2000

Quoting Greg KH <greg at>:

> On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 02:17:32PM -0500, Frank Tobin wrote:
> > Interfaces are always frozen if you design well at the beginning.
> Muawahha!!!
> Thanks, this had been a rough day.  Thanks for the laugh.

*grin* I couldn't bring myself to comment on it.

> > This is exactly the approach that software engineering courses and
> books
> > teach against (unless you are doing XP, of course, which GnuPG
> doesn't
> > seem to be doing).
> And yet you are saying this is a bad thing?
> I don't understand.

Nor do I. Why would a book teach against that?

> I fully support the goal of auditing the code and making it cleaner
> over
> making a library, even though my job would be made _so_ much easier if
> there was a gnupg library (see
> for more info.)

Well, hopefully the audit will result in sufficient modularity/stability that 
someone else can fully library-ize the code.

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