New LDAP server commands

Shaun Savage ssavage at
Fri Oct 20 14:39:46 CEST 2000


I have to ask a question. 

I would like to add three more commands to the gpg

--view-keys and --send-sign and --recv-trust


--view-keys koch     and this command will list all/some of the gpg
keys 				that match "koch" in the user_id field.

-u bar --send-sign foo      this command will send a trust signature of
foo 				signed by bar.

--recv-trust foo      this command will return the signature blocks the
have 				been submitted for foo.

Here is an example of how a "normal" person would encrypt a e-mail.

encrypt is enabled by default

the person writes the letter then presses SEND
the gpg then checks the local keyring for the email address(es)
if not found it then checks a ldap server with the e-mail address as the
search filter.  If a key is found it will return it and ask(or not) to
put the key into the local keyring.  It then encrypts the e-mail and
sends it.
The only user action is the accept the new key into the local keyring.  

When the person accepts the new key they can also request the trust
information. it will take longer but they can have it.

Comments, questions, gripes,.....?

Shaun Savage

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