bug in Win98 gen-revoke

John J. Kane jkane89 at softhome.net
Fri Oct 20 23:05:47 CEST 2000

Unix "newline conversion" bug.

ver: 1.0.3 Windows binary under Win98, Win95
cmd:  gpg --armor --output Outfile --gen-revoke 0xShortID

Symptom: missing/malformed blank line between comment
and beginning of armored data.  "A revocation certificate
should follow" ends in a single literal '\n', not crlf.

  expecting:  comment-string 0D 0A 0d 0a ascii-armor
  actually saw: comment-string  0A  0d 0a ascii-armor

This should probably be checked in the main source rather
than in the windows port, since this could also show up on
the mac or other non-unix environments where '\n' is not
the newline sequence.

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