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Thu Oct 26 09:14:30 CEST 2000

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On Wednesday 25 October 2000 11:20pm, Florian Weimer wrote:
> raf <raf at> writes:
> > the real problem would arise when a user on a system that doesn't
> > have a special /dev directory (e.g. mswin) creates a /dev directory
> > and a /dev/fd directory and ... and then wonders why gpg hangs
> > instead of reading the normal file /dev/fd/0 (contrived but
> > possible).

> I don't think you can create a \DEV directory on MS Windows.  There's
> already a hidden pseudo-directory of this name which contains
> \DEV\NUL, \DEV\CON, and so on.

Actually, the reserved file names "con" and "nul" are there in Windows 
(and, surprisingly enough, DOS), but they have nothing to do with a dev 
directory. (On my window's system, I have a "\dev" directory that 
contains all my config.sys device drivers.)

So on Windows, "dev" isn't anything reserved, but "con" and "nul" and 
"clock$" (and a few others) are.

Anyway, this has been mentioned, but I think it's really bad practice 
to assume any special file handles exist *by name* is programming 
anything like this up. Much better to rely on standard clib system 
calls that you know will give you the "right thing".

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