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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Sep 6 20:08:20 CEST 2000

Hi, (1638k)

$ md5sum gnupg-1.0.2b.tar.gz
eaf0d48b6354d271f4bcee1b165ee6d6  gnupg-1.0.2b.tar.gz

ist a test version of GnuPG which has these new features:

    * Fixed problems with piping to/from other MS-Windows software
    * Expiration time of the primary key can be changed again.
    * Revoked user IDs are now marked in the output of --list-key
    * New options --show-session-key and --override-session-key
      to help the British folks to somewhat minimize the danger
      of this Orwellian RIP bill.
    * New options --merge-only and --try-all-secrets.
    * New configuration option --with-egd-socket.
    * The --trusted-key option is back after it left us with 0.9.5
    * RSA is supported. Key generation does not yet work but
      will come soon.

This one is not very well tested, there is some new code to allow for
files larger than 2G on i32 systems - however, this has not been
tested because I had problems to create such a file.



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