suggested change for cipher/sha1.c's M(i) macro

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at
Mon Sep 18 14:24:29 CEST 2000

Well, I know nearly nothing about autoconf / automake, but isn't it
possible to have such a macro to be defined ONLY if it's not already
given by the environment?

#define rol(x, k) ((x << k) | (x >> (32 - k)))

It's a shame the C language doesn't provide a rotate operand, since
every known (to me at least) microprocessor architecture has
instructions for that.


Kan Shimizu wrote:

> > Please consider using `rol( tm, 1 )' in place of the functionally
> > equivalent `(tm << 1) | (tm >> 31)'.
>  In my environment, 'rol()' does not exist.
> May be, developers need to know on what OS, and with what
> C-compiler, 'rol()' works.
> Thanks.
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