Possible bug in using 'recv-key' facility via a HTTP proxy

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Apr 20 21:18:01 CEST 2001

On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, Steven Murdoch wrote:

> consist of no more than a 30 minute lecture so I cannot guarantee this
> is correct however I think the FIN is sent from the 'shutdown()'
> system call at line 132 of version gnupg-1.0.4 (function

This is correct; it indicates an EOF on the server side.  IIRC, a
long time ago we had a some problems with some proxies but we
eventaully made it work and that is what we have now.

> http_wait_response()). When I took this out the FIN was not sent
> however neither were the \r and \n sent to hd->fp_write (line 113,
> http_start_data()), it was as if the buffer was never flushed, but I

Hmmm, this is strange.  I double checked that even on a close we do
a flush which in turn will write out all buffered stuff.  And there
is even an iobuf_flush() right before the close.

> moved outputting the extra \r\n from http_start_data to appending this
> to the HTTP request itself. This sends data to the socket using
> 'write' rather than 'iobuf_put' and seems to workaround the problem.

Hmmm, I wonder why we are at all using write_server.  This should
all be handled by iobuf.  There must be some reason but I can't
remember it.  I will use write_server in http_start_data().

Still leaves the problem with the shutdown - does somebody remember
what the problem was?  Somewhere deep in my brain there is the idea
that I once had a special configuration option for MS IIS in a HTTP



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