Decryption using gpgme

Miroslav Koncar miroslav.koncar at
Thu Aug 2 16:24:01 CEST 2001

Hello all,

I have a bit odd question, which could be actually trivial, but at the
moment I'm so puzzeled, I don't see the solution.

I'm programming a function that should provide decryption. The entry
parameters are cipher text and the passphrase, required from external
interface. I've set up the callback function for my decryption function,
very similar like it is in example t-decrypt of the distribution, but
the problem is how to pass the passphrase to this function? The header
for that function is defined:

static const char *
passphrase_cb ( void *opaque, const char *desc, void *r_hd )

and in the example, in that function you aquire the passfrase and return
it to the GPGME decrypt procedure. What is the right thing to do if you
already have the passphrase?

Any comments will be appreciated....


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