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Wed Aug 29 18:32:01 CEST 2001

Werner Koch wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:26:23 -0500, "Jonathan Hayward said:
> > In my Tcl extension, I'm trying to add an option --passphrase
> > <passphrase>.
> Don't do this, everyone can do a ps and view the passphrase.

As a standalone process, definitely.  As an argument passed from within
Tcl, it doesn't show up.

> > What are the steps involved in registering an option with the
> > parser? It looks like I've left something out.
> Add a new name into the option enum (oFoo), add an entry to the list
> of options (use another otion which takes a string as a template) and
> finally add a case oFoo to the big options switch in main().  I thing
> --comment may be a goog example.

Hmm...  I think I'm missing something.

I've added oPassphrase to the option enum, added

{ oPassphrase, "passphrase", 2, N_("|PASSPHRASE|use passphrase

to the list of options, and added to the switch:

    case oPassphrase:
        fd_passwd = pargs.r.ret_str;

The complaint it's giving is util/argparse.c, line 49 of function
initialize(); by the time that function checks, arg->r_opt has value

Is there a reason arg->r_opt should contain a value that would trouble

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