pgp as a C programming library in Linux?

Tie Kan tie.kan at
Tue Dec 18 18:27:01 CET 2001

I checked out the latest version of gpgme from cvs but failed to compile
the code.

The steps I followed:

1. cd /usr/local/src/gpgme
2. cp (have to do this or ./
3. ./
4. CC=gcc CFLAG=-g ./configure --prefix=/usr

At step 4, I got the following error message:

	Ltconfig: you must specify a host type if you use '--no-verify'
	Try 'ltconfig --help' for more information
	Configure: error: libtool configure failed

I am sure I missed something but can not figure out what. Can you help
me out?

Thanks in advance,

Tie Kan

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> gpgme-0.2.3
This is what I suggest ;-) See

> someone knowledgeable out there can point out how I can get a sample
> test program using these library running, I should be greatly






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