The answer is yes (was: Has been GPGME 0.3.0 released?)

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 19 21:20:02 CET 2001

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 20:48:04 +0100, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo said:

>    I have seen that there is a GPGME 0.3.0 tarball in the ftp.
>    Does this mean that this version has been released?

Marcus posted it to gpa-dev because he had no permissions for the
regular ftp directory and I was probably dreaming at that time.

Meanwhile I moved the files to gcrypt/alpha/gpgme/ and made a diff
(which is about the same size as the tarball ;-).


From: Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann at>
Subject: gpgme 0.3.0 released
To: gpa-dev at
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 02:38:57 +0100


I just uploaded the following files: (424 kB)

The first file contains gpgme 0.3.0.  Werner, I don't have permission to put
it into alpha/gpgme where it probably belongs.  So this is announced here
and not on announce at (for now).

This release includes some new interfaces (see the NEWS file), but more
relevant for this list is that it contains support for GpgSM.  Do compile
gpgme 0.3.0 with support for GpgSM, either make sure that the `gpgsm' binary
is in your PATH, or specify it explicitely with `--with-gpgsm=GPGSM_PATH' to
configure, where `GPGSM_PATH' is the path to the `gpgsm' binary.

To enable the CryptPlug plug-ins for kmail (and others), specify
`--enable-gpgmeplug' to configure.  It will build the plug-ins in the
gpgmeplug/ directory (two plug-ins, gpgmeplug for OpenPGP and gpgsmplug for
S/MIME will be built).  `make install' will *not* install the plug-ins.

To use GPGME/GpgSM in your programs, make sure that the engine works
by calling gpgme_engine_check_version (GPGME_PROTOCOL_CMS).
Then create a GPGME context and set the protocol to GPGME_PROTOCOL_CMS
before using it, using gpgme_set_protocol().  From that moment you can use
the context in the same way as an OpenPGP context is used in GPGME.  Not all
features are supported yet, though.  Currently implemented and working are:
import, keylist, verify, decrypt, sign, and encrypt.

gpgme 0.3.0 requires GnuPG 1.0.6 (if you want to use it, if not, try
`--without-gpg') and/or GpgSM 0.0.0 (released by Werner yesterday).


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